40 Totally Fun and Free Things to do in Pensacola Beach

the old adage "money doesn't buy happiness" certainly applies here in Pensacola Beach. This legendary beach community has so much to offer for free! Between the white-sand beaches, bustling downtown, and popular surrounding cities, it wasn't hard to compile 40 Totally Fun and Free Things to do in Pensacola Beach!

So you want to experience Pensacola Beach on the cheap? No problem! We’ve compiled a list of 40 Totally Fun and Free Things to do in Pensacola Beach. From the emerald waters to the bustling city streets, there is tons to do without spending a cent!

40 Totally Fun and Free Things to do in Pensacola Beach…

1. Fishing – Cast into one of the best coastlines for fishing in the US of A! Pensacola Beach and the rest of the Emerald Coast are known for prized game and table fare including snapper, grouper, mahi mahi, tuna, shark, and red drum.

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2. Searching for Treasure – Grab a metal detector and shovel and peruse the shore for lost treasures.

3. Lounge at the Beach – Lay down a towel, set up the shade, and lounge on the soft white sand of Pensacola Beach. You deserve it!

4. Bay Bluffs Park – This 42-acre nature preserve in Pensacola is the perfect spot to hike, sightsee, and explore the Gulf Coast countryside.

5. Bicycle Riding – Cycle down Pensacola Beach Blvd, Fort Pickens Rd, or head downtown where the action is! Exploring Pensacola Beach by bicycle is easy and exciting.


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6. Collecting Shells – Search the shoreline for shells, or safely swim to a nearby sandbar for more exotic shells and sand dollars.

7. Boarding – Boogie board, surf board, or a stand up paddle board, doesn’t matter aslong as you’re having fun on the water!

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8. Play in the Sand – There aren’t many more exciting free things to do in Pensacola Beach than playing in the sand! Build a sand castle fortress or carve out white-sand angels. Lots of beach goers plan their whole day around “playing in the sand”!

9. Ghost Crab Hunting – Once the sun goes down, grab a flashlight, bucket, and plastic shovel in search of little white ghost crabs.

10. Sightseeing – Beach, pier, or historic landmarks, Pensacola Beach is a gem for photo ops and sightseeing adventures.

11. Play Some Catch – Dust off that old glove, blow up the pig skin,
and steal the frisbee back from the dog… There’s no better place to play a game of catch than at the beach!

12. Cornhole – This portable, easy to play game is the hit of any beach day. The best part? Everyone from little Timmy to grandpa Joe can participate!

13. Pro Kadima (Smash Ball) – While we’re on the subject of beach games, you can’t forget Pro Kadima. Readily available at most beach shops, supermarkets, and convenience stores, this fast-paced game offers hours of fun.

14. Watch the Blue Angels – From the beach or your condo balcony, you CAN’T MISS this acclaimed air show! The Blue Angels Naval Flight Team practices several days a week throughout the years in the skies above Pensacola Beach.


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15. Moonlit Beach Stroll – Take in the romance of the moonlight dancing across the horizon in Pensacola Beach. A perfect backdrop for a stress-releasing solo stroll, or romantic evening with your sweetheart.

16. Movie Night – Most hotel rooms, condos, and vacation rentals now a days offer DVD/Blu Ray players. Bring your favorite films from home,
or inquire about free rentals at your lodging property.

17. Board Games/Table Games – Another vacation classic, a friendly (or not so friendly) game of Battleship, Guess Who, Monopoly, or Poker is always a winner.

18. Lodging-provided Activities – Lots of lodging providers offer complimentary activities including movie nights, pool parties, kids clubs and more!

19. Downtown Pensacola – Pensacola Beach is located just south of Pensacola. Head to downtown Pensacola for eclectic dining, nightlife, and entertainment!

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20. Lounge by the Pool – Post up next to the pool or dive on in for guaranteed vacation fun for the whole family.

21. Barbecue – Bring along your own grill, or use one provided by the hotel or condo. Nothing screams “beach vacation” like the smell of some freshly seared veggies and meats.

22. Visit the Pensacola Beach Boardwalk – Visit the Pensacola Beach Boardwalk for food, shopping, and entertainment. A large public beach and regular concerts and events are freely accessible!

23. Pensacola Beach Bands on the Beach – Live music from popular local and regional acts draws thousands of visitors to Bands on the Beach. This free concert series is offered weekly through peak tourist season. For more info visit Pensacola Beach Bands on the Beach.

24. Tour the Pensacola Historic District – The Seville Historic District and other notable areas of Pensacola are must-see destinations during your trip to Pensacola Beach.

25. Photo Session – Take to the beach with your best camera (or camera phone) for a photo session on the white-sand!


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26. Chill at a Local Restaurant – So you may need to spend a liiittlle cash for this one. But sometimes you can get away with a couple waters and a killer coastal view!

27. Pensacola Gallery Night – This monthly event highlights Pensacola’s cultural scene including art, food, and music.

28. Browse the Shops – You don’t need money to shop! Or rather browse… And browsing is so much fun at the many great Pensacola Beach shops!

29. Sleep in Late – Enough said… Unless you have kids!

30. Go on a Drive – Head down scenic highway 399 connecting Navarre Beach to Pensacola Beach for a pleasant drive along natural beaches.

31. Visit the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola –
This free world-class museum puts Pensacola’s and the United State’s naval history on display.

32. Quayside Art Gallery – Get your artistic fix at the Quayside Art Gallery in Downtown Pensacola where admission is always free!

33. Pensacola Gay Pride Week – Plenty of free things to do in Pensacola Beach are available during this time for the LGTBQ community worldwide.

34. Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival Every November celebrate the international songwriting community at this music festival spanning several cities and dozens of venues on the Gulf Coast.

35. Night on the Town – Hit up the Pensacola Beach nightlife scene for free entertainment, coastal views, and some friendly co-mingling.

36. Pensacola Beach East Dog Park – One of my personal favorite free things to do in Pensacola Beach involves our furry friends! Hit up the Pensacola Beach East Dog Park to give your pup his or her very own vacation.

37. Pensacola Beach Eco-Trail – See Birds, fish, crustaceans, turtles, and more at the Pensacola Beach Footprints in the Sand – Eco Trail!

38. Beach Volleyball – A hard-hitting game of beach volleyball is an ideal way to take advantage of the beautiful Pensacola Beach sand.

39. Exercise – Whether on the sand, streets, or in your hotel’s fitness center, taking a minute to exercise is encouraged to keep your endorphins up and waste-line down.

40. People-Watch – It’s my personal belief that people watching should be the next national pass-time! People-watch from your hotel room, beach chair, or while chillin on the boardwalk!

Not that you’ve seen a full list of FREE things to do in Pensacola Beach, how about some not-so free activities? Check out a full list of Pensacola Beach tours & attractions online at PensacolaBeach.com!

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