Ask A Local: What is it Like to Live on Pensacola Beach

Visiting Pensacola Beach is therapeutic for some, indulgent for others, and fun for all! A trip to the beach is always a good idea, but have you ever wondered, "what is it like to live on Pensacola beach?" We'll give you the facts, and let you decide if island life is the life for you!

Many beach vacationers wonder “what is it like to live on Pensacola Beach?” Anyone who’s visited the beach community falls in love with the white-sand beaches, dining scene, and friendly southern hospitality. But few consider life as a full-time “beach bum”. If you’ve ever dreamed of living the Emerald Coast lifestyle, then keep reading for an in-depth look into the life of a Pensacola Beach resident!

Ask A Local: What is it Like to Live on Pensacola Beach

A Day in the Life

pensacola beach tourist communityNothing is more life-affirming than waking to smell of the ocean and sound of the waves. For many Pensacola Beach residents, this is a typical morning! Throughout the work day, natives are treated to unparalleled Gulf views wherever they go. From Casino Beach to the Pensacola Beach Bridge, the sight of white sand beaches and glistening emerald-green waters never grows old. While Pensacola Beach may lie just a short distance from Pensacola, one of the largest cities in Florida, the lifestyle is completely distinct. Among several differences, Pensacola Beach is primarily a tourist destination.

Living in a Tourism-Driven Community

For decades, Pensacola Beach has been the Emerald Coast’s most widely-recognized travel destination. For this reason, Pensacola Beach is not short on hospitality-related jobs. Most locals work in the restaurant, lodging, and tour business, and hold jobs like server, life guard, hotel manager, and business owner.

Travel throughout this beach hot spot may be scenic, but isn’t always quick. Traffic from the tourist crowd can slow things down, especially from April to September. Luckily, the small beach community is easy to navigate by bicycle, scooter, and golf cart. Don’t be surprised to see commuters whizzing past traffic around 9am and 5pm on the sidewalk or in the bicycle lane (Learn more about getting around Pensacola Beach).

Overall, Pensacola Beachers don’t mind the tourists, and will most likely greet them with a smile… As long as they don’t litter the beach!

Dining, Nightlife & Entertainment

No one knows where to eat, where to party, and where to find good tunes like a Pensacola Beach native. A look into the dining and nightlife scene may help you better discover “what is it like to live on Pensacola Beach?”

cactus-flower-cafeDining – Emerald Coast folks love the local dining scene! To start their day, residents have a pick of delicious breakfast spots. From seafood omelettes at Native Cafe to the world-famous coffee, bagels and lox at The Drowsy Poet, Pcola Beach is a breakfast-lovers dream. Lunch and dinner is no different, with some of the highest-rated eateries on the Gulf Coast sporting a Pensacola Beach address. Red Fish Blue Fish is an area favorite for fresh seafood and waterfront views, while locally-owned Cactus Flower Cafe serves up a taste of West Coast Mexican.

Locals will agree, these 10 Restaurants with a View in Pensacola Beach, FL will satisfy both your eyes and your taste buds!

Nightlife & Entertainment – A beach lifestyle is nothing if not laid back, and there are plenty of hangouts where the natives like to drink, play, and boogie down. Local, regional, and nationally-known acts performing at area venues like Casino Beach Bar & Grille are a favorite for all music lovers. Don’t forget, tons of awesome events occur weekly, monthly, and annually on Pensacola Beach (check Pensacola Beach Events for more info). With so many great college sports teams nearby, the locals also love game day! Alabama, LSU, Florida State, or the Georgia Bulldogs, there’s always a place to watch the game.

Looking for nightlife ideas from a Pensacola Beach expert? Check out 7 Terrific Things to do in Pensacola Beach at Night!

The Great Outdoors

pensacola beach jet ski rentalAfter all is said and done, there is one top reason anyone would move to Pensacola Beach… the ocean! Travelers flock from across the globe to experience the Gulf Coast water in the form of boating, fishing, swimming, and more! But for those that live on Pensacola Beach, enjoying the water is an every day occurrence. Nearby marinas house all sorts of boats for residents, from high-speed waverunners to luxurious yachts.

It’s not uncommon to spot an all-terrain vehicle with a surf board or kayak strapped to the top, an easy giveaway that the driver likely lives at the beach. Pensacola Beachers live for fresh-caught fish. bathing suits, and the thrill of a high-speed boat ride, perhaps making watersport activities in Pensacola Beach the most important aspect of living here!

Sailing is an age-old tradition on the Emerald Coast. Experience this luxury excursion with Where to go Sailing in Pensacola Beach!

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