Take the Pensacola Bay Ferry to Fort Pickens and Beyond

PENSACOLA BEACH, Florida - Many people assume that south Florida is the most beautiful part of the state. None of them have visited Pensacola Beach. There is something for everyone around here. From taking the family on a boat ride with the dolphins to a relaxing stroll downtown. Fort Pickens offers something for the more nature inclined. You will have to take the Pensacola Bay Ferry to get out to Fort Pickens. All these activities will ensure that the whole family will have a good time for your stay in Pensacola Beach.

Pensacola Beach Dolphin Tours

The staff on the tour is tremendous. They do an excellent job making you feel comfortable. You are almost guaranteed to get an up-close look at a dolphin. The facilities are very clean and well kept. Ticket prices are very affordable. This was one of the highlights of our trip to Pensacola Beach. The experience of getting so close to creatures that are so intelligent cannot be understated.


Pensacola Bay Ferry

There are no shortage of watersports available in Pensacola Beach. Surfing, swimming, parasailing, wave running, kayaking, and many more are all available in the area. In most cases you will have the opportunity to buy or rent the equipment that you need to have a memorable time with your family. You don’t have to be a super athlete to have a good time around Pensacola Beach. Anything from a calm evening swim to high speed wave running are sure to please the whole family.

Find out more about the amazing watersports available in Pensacola Beach here. 

Downtown City Tours

Pensacola Beach has a very rich history. It is full of interesting stories that are sure to please the whole family. You can travel around the city in a 1930 Ford transit bus that is fully equipped with air conditioning or there are even Segway tours available. You can start your day learning about when the Spanish first handed Florida over to the US and end it hearing some spooky ghost stories on a retro tour.

Follow this link for the latest and greatest Pensacola city tours.

Pensacola Bay Ferry to Fort Pickens

The Pensacola Bay ferry is your best way to reach Fort Pickens. There is a road that gets out there, but it is frequently impassable and has gotten worse in recent years. The ferry departs from downtown Pensacola Beach makes a stop on Quietwater Pier and finishes at Fort Pickens. There are 2 vessels that operate clockwise and counterclockwise on the 3 stop trip. Each leg of the trip will take between 35 and 45 minutes. Ticket prices range from $18.50-$20. Children under 2 are free. Adult tickets include admission to the Gulf Island National Seashore. The first ferry departs downtown Pensacola at 8:30am and the final departure is at 8:00pm. The Pensacola Bay Cruise Schedule runs from June 22 – August 19; Monday – Sunday, August 22 – September 28; Wednesday – Sunday, September 29 – November 4; Saturday & Sunday. You can find out everything you need to know by clicking the link below.

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